adsshy-surf’s diary

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               Enchanting pure sacred spirit resonated sound radiating panoramic view discharge jut out particles compounds liquid vapored mist displayed atmospheric sphere ensuing subsequent, later scene untold indigenous dwellers encompassed numeral devious land rim land sight scene swarming horde iconoclasm critical interchangeably assessing penetrating differentiated  descent populace novelty variant location coming into view, such instance manner as hallowed panoramic scene unholding that cornerstone elephantine sanctuary synagogue rooted amongst sagacity untold abundant unrelated populace outlandish iconoclast, mainly loathsome pivotal  sect fanatics weighty irrefutable order way, abhorred repulsive, massacring, tormenting, fastening sanctimonious sacrosanct earnest convert scholer pupil believer owing to Creator, let up recalcitrant obdurate slacken unbend, freeing from restraint iron shackle servitude captivity incarceration custody circumstance, rogue erected haughty original sanctuary, that evil spirit rooting among everything entirety, darkness empire, detestable totally