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                       It was apparent that the scripture had been coming from ancestry of Jews, although when first the scripture had materialized as historic memoir chronicle of Jews linage, It has enlisted the authoritative vital part endowed by Creator the portion of which Messiah's twelve figure apostle have acknowledged and verified that Messiah has bred as the designated sacrifice exchanged for human beings sin, that had been the salvation ritual for mundane sphere living organisms to confirm so as the affirmation has been verified as the preaching were manifest for anyone. Thus, the verification coexisting with these reality of ritual could have conducted from Jews sagacious to ethnically distant  located tribesmen bred by different culture in the state of that authoritative portion has not been erased as it has preserving the original unexpunged version thanks for  beneficial revelation by the verifiable salvation manifest of Messiah. Nevertheless, since these verification episode of Messiah's sacrifice has conducted from Jews sagacity to ethnically deviated nurtured tribesmen, there has been the existence of church temperament of which has been more detestable than any other innumerable lay existing church such as apparent reality in mundane sphere, the reason why the unscrupulous loathsome church has been regarded as detestable rooting establishment, had been that because they have erased the precious and valuable abundant portion from the volume of Messiah's beneficial ritual and the affirmation of avowal Creator had pledged with Jews dynasty as yet the intent of the church has to have the righteous conduct discipline order from Creator, in other words, moral obligation for human beings induced to deviated intractable habit tendency so that they has lose ethical conduct guide and indulged in the apathetic plight circumstances