adsshy-surf’s diary

The recommendation of relaxedly browsing of valued items

                                  Holy pure spirit has induced to certify that the affirmation oath which Creator, the procreator, has made offer and bestowed with Israelite ancestor of unforgettable interlocking promise has been existing as the declaration had been so regardful commencement. It has been manifest that the loathsome church which has been founded basing upon the influence of infernal spirit and been the supervisor of mankind's unscrupulous behavior on mandane sphere has been prevailing, so as for exemplar category, these church has been able to classify itself into two exemplar sort in the mundane sphere. The one has been the church belonging to Messiah for Creator, the other has been administered by the supervising of infernal spirit. Anyone who has not belonged to the church of Messiah for Creator has been belonging to the enormous church, as the exemplar who has belonged to the still mentioned the enormous detestable church, in other words, the supervisor of the unscrupulous behavior and the exasperating mistress of whole mundane sphere. As for the exasperating mistress, she has been seated as occupying above the huge innumerable poised ocean and reigning whole mundane sphere as victorious enjoinder with subjugating, commanding oppressive precept, taking advantage augustly towards all nations, any breed, any vernacular local folks, and all kinds hordes. Followingly, the case about the church of Messiah for Creator, the numerical count of one who have belong to the church has been just small quantity due to corrupt and detestable conduct of the exasperating mistress who has been taking ascendancy place over innumerable huge poised ocean. Notwithstanding, as well the church of Messiah for Creator which has been constituted by the devout converter for Creator have prevailed and existing above whole mundane shpere