adsshy-surf’s diary

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                                 When Insurgence has begun to come forth and the rumor of it has fumigated among all nations which has going with the exemplary supporter for mistresses' the detestable loathsome conduct, holy pure spirit has said that the indignation of Creator has slapped down the supporter for frivolous teasing mistresses. It would has been all demonstrated when the era which the fury of Creator has slapped down on the supporter who has been the detestable church at most among whole mundane sphere and the supervisor for frivolous mistresses basing their shrewdness behavior upon the infernal spirits' counseling tactic has become upholding, then Creator, the prime sovereign would have prepared to accomplish the admission oath which Creator has yet obligated with Israelite's dynasty members. That has been the commencement of prime sovereign enterprising endeavor. Followingly, Holy pure spirit has displayed the appearance of one man who has put on stainless clear costumes and has mentioned that he has been one of component on the twelve figure apostle for Messiah, then he would have witnessed and enter in the log of chronicle about the remain of these happenings, manihold affaires which had occured from old times until contemporary time current point, and would have been writing down about the closings on terrestrial mundane sphere