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                              The disjoined residual leftovers of Israelite's offspring has implicitly got the knowledge that they has belonged to the dynasty and the folks of the nation declared as affirmative recipient for the treaty of the avowal from Creator, introspectively homily discourcing for themselves to be aware of their ancestor, to own the proof of the twelve apostle endeavor which Messiah has intimately bestowed with their ancestor. Therefore, the residual leftovers has made it become fraternizing with Messiah's existence and the most vigorous issue of Messiah's teachings, cause to enjoin on the cheiftain redeeming the roaming nomad and bringing in the meaning of the pathway prolonging for the salvation. Why should not their residual leftovers of Israelite's ancestor have been rejoicing and glorifying towards the prodigious corporeality of the empireal Lord, the elongated coral reef as the unvarying deliverer. Why should not have brought in the prerogative and the benefice from the fluid sap tissue of the veritable persimmon tree Ivy rambling in a leisurely fashion and should not have took part in the herd of the sheep hold which Lord has been freeholding. Then, the residual leftovers would have been recognized as members for the dynasty of Israelite and have been re-twigged to the veritable one stalk persimmon tree Ivy strolling incidentally because they had been the originally nurtured shooting sprig from the veritable one stalk branch, when the turminus era has arrived