adsshy-surf’s diary

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                                   The kinsmen of Israelite ancestor's close related camaraderie has been questioning about what the stream of the river the chief sire has envisaged in dormancy vision has been symbolizing for, so the one of their camaraderie has replied to them that the aqua of the river the chief sire has scanned has been meaning for the contamination. The intelligence of the chief sire had been more catering himself to the different kind of composure rationality other than the intellect has inspected the contamination of the stream's aqua. The stream of the river has been the monstrous chasm that has been segregating the miserable discouraging evil organisms from the hallowed supporters of Creator and the phenomenal shift of living organism's one stalk tree on whole mundane sphere. As well, it has been representing the horrible inferno of the dead residence which the laudable Holy pure spirit had told, has been prepared to lock up the miserable wicked faulty someone. Creator's labored phenomena could have incisively disconnected the miserable fault evil cabal from gracious rational ameliorator, spectacle glimmer in moment of Creator's innovating the orderly compound has resembled the radiant inflame on the candelablum in front of the prime sovereign chair and must have not cede to inflame, the chief sire has told such explanation. Thus, the kinsmen of Israelite ancestor's camaraderie has questioned whether the event that has been explained would have been pointing at agonizing pain the corporeal carnality must have undergo in the exploratory ordeal fleshly secular ambient condition, or the advanced ultimate plight that the someone must has gone into the terminus era after the soul has departed from the body, or ordinaly equanimity sensual mundane terrestrial matters