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                                 The representation the deep chasm of the huge river stream has illustrated would have been meaning to reproduce the realm ramifying for both channel to fork into the two branch, the one, the spiritual sphere and the other, the secular bounds. Because the era that the temporally contouring indivisual must have to go through the arbitrament experience to adjudicate about the good of the conduct the ephemeral corporeality would have got to proceed on the transient mundane sphere ought have to come by all means. If the someone has deceased in the condition that they have remained in the status of exercising sacrilegious conduct, then the someone must have been unconnected by themselves to the precise point concerning the theological staunchness. Therefore, these someone must have cause to bring them ahead of the prim sovereign in order that they should have hold the finding concerning of their behavior. If the conduct of these someone should have been tarnishing, they must have tarnishing for themselves. If these someone should have been disgracing for themselves, they must have not been able to reside the principality nation of Lord, the proprietor. If these kind of someone should have resided in the sovereignty nation of Lord proprietor, the jurisdiction land must have been corrupting for its own nation itself