adsshy-surf’s diary

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                         The camaraderie troupe has restarted to progress towards the point of the east of harping on the south latitude location the troupe trekker has searched, to have been targeting the goal for the plot of nearly all the fecund bounds among the unfruitful soil of the desolating expance proximity arid section each nation encircling on shore to the Red Sea. The camaraderie troupe has hiked the trip so as for long terms as the radiance routine aboard rotation enduring for the while to supply for themselves by snaring the animals flesh by means of the hooking by the bow and arrow, the boulder mere stone rocking and the discharging of the stone hurling machine durring the trekking. And the camaraderie tripper has advanced towards the direction that the indicator needle of the something globular shape has incessantly been pointing, the something globule has been steering for the troupe to the location the soil has been fitting for the cultivation, the one and more step degree fertile soil among the arid desert. The camaraderie troupe trippers has went on and on the trek for so extended calender ticking time while having took the rest at the interval during the passage, so in the pausing meantime has made up the sacred expedient cover for the safty rendezvous center to prepare the meals and hunt the flesh to sustain for the relatives. So, then the youngest son of the Israelite pedigree kinsmen troupe has went out to hunt the meat for the catering replenishment, simply he has smashed the bow that has made of the material compounding from the several durable quality metals. Therefore, the elderly kinsmen have irritated for that their youngest one of the camaraderie had smashed the bow just as they had blundered into the situation that have been unable to hunt the meals. Thus, just as the youngest son and the elderly kinsmen has went back to the relatives in the rendezvous center without any snaring animals flesh, the relatives has suffered from the lack of the meal storage seeing that they has been wearing out in every respect due to the desolating itinerary trip