adsshy-surf’s diary

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                         The celestial pellucid spherical realm which aqueously moisture mist has prevalently been turning over in compactness or dissolved configuration matter has made it seated the convergence dynamo, Creator on the throne of whole mundane sphere as chief main arbitrator, thus it has not to have precisely been brought around from abundant cascade surge of the lower thickness vein which have prevailing over the corporeal barter of mundane terrestrial, so as the occurrence of the congruity has constantly been developing underneath relevant streams of substance, so as Creator has been only too refined to lopsidedly radiate the oscillation of the electromagnetics undulation for humanity to attune the concordance which has tipped off benevolent correction guidance to terrestrial parasite transfer who has fermented compulsively under the empyrean clear purfunctry space.   

                       Creator has assuaged adhering trait devotee with fidelity intelligibility who has rationally discerned that they have not possessed the facility to have achieve the various undertakings of whole mundane sphere merely by their own efficacy, Creator has urged the ancestor of Israerite Nephi's comrade to hastily take up secure establishment undertakings obligation from benevolent of Lord, the pursuer of the mundane lavish obtusely vegetated terrestrial, therein it has been Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the upper class inherent benefactors that has been gave guarantee of exerting the mutual undertaking drudgery obeyance to pledge of perfecting the part of the main stream, Creator, the sort of altruistic supporter has not skip every time of going down with any drudgery collaboration of the aspiration which has been requisite to exceed enthusiastically fecundated picturesque tincture, it has been the pathetic reminiscence from the electromagnetically toned oratorio which Creator has undulated that the ancestor of Nephi's partner has been made it cleared of their vassalage relationships situation plight under the regime of feudally supervised community on Egypt  [ It happened when the era has passed backward by about 700 years from the era which Nephi 's epoch event has happened in 591 B.C. in the substituted flourish region ] . 

                      After it has been alleviated from the harsh laborious condition under the regim of Egypt owing to the benevolent contribution of Creator, the ancestor of Israelite linage Nephi's partners has come into beguiling themselves out of reach of superintendence from Creator's inspective panorama prove, it seems as if the elderly partners of Nephi's comrade has come into evincing the similar proclivity trait which they have behave unscrupulously as if they had the efficacy potency further than Creator has permitted them for their allowed part of veneration, thus Creator has enticed the ancestor of comrade's partners to dislodge themselves into the desolating district of desert sward, so it has scourged the refractory trait ancestors among the inexorable backgrounds of the barren sward so as Creator has embargoed their rhythmic tempo to exhaust till in the less range than, if it could run, it must have undulated by the alloted fragment for them as it has amended how the ancestor must have consumed residual resources which has been alloted by the bestowment from Creator's beneficial bounty, then it has tossed in the phosphor, the winging serpentine creature in the upper aqueously flowing ephemeral ceiling from airy orb where Creator has intricately hurled the living organisms