adsshy-surf’s diary

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                                 Although, Creator has throwed in the huge enormous object, on the firmament of congealing protean fluid flowing strata on mundane sphere's upper space, which has resembled shape or activity as sinuous movement, which has reminiced fancifully illustrated shape in the folklore for winged serpentine creature who occationally has discharged dividing trickled, coruscating sparkles in the form of elongated trailing stream at the upper space aqueously evanesced ceilings, in spite of Creator's flagitious insultation, spontaneous full-fledged alms of genetic amalgamation on mundane terrestrial has surfaced to flesh out slipshod wretched, flighty twisted abrasive panorama vista by forceful magnetic fascination of topographical trait on surface more stuffed circumstances than the apostate ancestor of Israel dynasty has dexterously nibbled the surfeit precious resources.

                                Explaining about the situation that the ancestor of Israel dynasty who has indulged into the caracteristics disorder which has deviated into the apostate etiquette routine misguidance must have retreive into the state that has flourished previously beneficial grant from corporeal to attitude by exerting themselves to have minded their operations at every prospective properly exact occasional behavior, it has merely been to scrutinize their own reverential demeanor stance of perspective sight from panoramic vista of contemplating Creator's equitability bounty which has seated to downpour bestowment initiative in the upper space aqueously flowing clear orb above evanescent ceiling, because it has required mere docility responsiveness task consecration and necessitated straightforward expertize disposition to live through productive rewarding extent of upright indivisual conduct demeanor chore on ephemeral mundane convoluted realm, sarcastically so few of meandered individual could have outlived till to splendorous burdensome perseverance extent on gazing at geometrical notice that so countless swerving rangers have perished in the middle of their endurance stretch on tortuous intricacy.                 

                               Israelite origin race of humanity who has temperament of mercurial veering flighty attitude, as it has possessed the inclinating trait of erratically innovating the tactic of their notion to pursue the significance which it has to list additional dispatch for their own tenure occupancy, has hurled the sacrilegious verbalization against the proprietor of mundane genus range, Creator, so as abusive as they were, still the more as to the adorable moralist who has teach the cipher of humane conduct, Moses, nevertheless as humanely as Creator has indicated that benevolence of gratuity would have torrented down from subdued atmospheric pressure, inimitable advantageous multiplied quivering pulse modulation which still anything convening total apparatus of contrivance on mundane sphere for terrestrial has not come up to the ultrasonic boom of Creator's convergence dynamo, has made it possible to have beckoned the dissipated absent exemptional latent powerhouses to have been aroused of congregating into the native soil till to encamp for colonization in purpose of founding the industrial district where billowing haze would have diligently been rolling up, just as elder part of Israelite comrade has acquainted as aforesaid