adsshy-surf’s diary

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                                  The elderly partners of Israeli linage comrade, according to grounds which the youngest partner of Israeli comrade, Nephi has explained, has witnessed the pure sanctified spirit who has send intimated guide for their comrade, as it has truly told straightaway to benefactory oriented exceptinally fondness comrade of Israelite origin, then as the elder partners must have certainly discerned the incentive provocation repeatedly, however its articulation of sanctified spirit presage has possessed too ultra frequency upper tone modulation to be heard of the ear of mankind who has materialized corporeal constitution on mundane spherical realm as similar as other whole included creatures, as for it has surpassed the pitch of viblation further more than the range which mankind could have apprehend underneath strata at which the conductive shapeless matter has aqueously flowed on mundane spherical layer so as ultla upper pitch modulation has been absorbed into polymorphous matter cushion, so the elder partners of Israeli linage comrade could have not widened the audible range of the hearing organ due to the hindrance of thick layer, so as it has been in vain of altering inner corporeal circuitous electric current to transcend till into more ultra upper tone frequency extent which pure sanctified spirit has incessantly transmitted for credible devoting drudgery advocator, therefore both current has constantly repeated its unvaried extention as it has gave back mutually circuitous insurgent of electric current, still as it has amplified to reverberate roaring ultra current boom in the spherical thick suffused strata as underneath crust has cracked up for seismically separating at a realm on the diffused parts, as it has made the Israel's comrade scattered various region on whole mundane sphere.

                                 If Creator has in mind of scene, the panoramic view from point of scale which has slip out from spherical layer of paleolithic strata into the epoch of Archaean which the crust of surface on lithosphere has actively proceeded toward wide range of peripheral current while molten flow in strata of asthenosphere has intermittently pushed up to outer crust, any parts of crust has moved away, each parts has crushed onto mutually so as it has jointed by both parts, then it has submerged by the diminished fractional crust below molten flowing stream in Panthalassa, when upsurging dichloroethane has vapored to turmoil into furor spherical thick layer, so it has squalled on enormous amount of aqueously streaming compounds, as carbon atoms, hydrogen atoms, nitrate, oxygen, argon substance on and on has rotated in interchangeable stream of manifold polymorphous upheaval event on toroposphere, then aftermath concourse, Creator has made it possible to vanish any crust part on asthenosphere plate, as it could have dismantled the swelled part of crust into shallow flattened gravel mass till to grind into the refined velvet sand, as for Creator has unceasingly oscillated the transmittance pulse onto fluorescent photon accelerating ionosphere space where it has been radiantly reflected among widespread effervescing electron amassed realm.   

                               The comrade has been inspected of every behavior which the comrade has envisaged on their ordeal profane temporally roaming terrestrial realm from perspective sight on which Creator has fleeted upper evanescent breached protean aqueously flowing space above equatrial passageway, Nephi said to the elderly partner of Israelite linage comrade, Laman, Lemuel, so the cordial partners comrade has company with notion of Creator's admonishment to adjust their temperament behavior trait for docilely contemplating virtuous enduring drudgery only to attain the task which Creator has alluded for their productivity profitable prospect, in spite of such benevolent bountiful Creator's instruction, must the elderly partners of credible Israelite origin comrade have deviated from its rationality plentiful worthwhile avenue which Lord has made himself ushered for cordial comrade forward incandescent fluorescing bleached latitude accommodation, still the less as the elderly part of cordial comrade has envisaged disobeying quality stance for its conductive etiquette compulsory to conform into precept which Creator has arduously bestowed for preferred fortuitously extracting clans who whole mundane phenomenon has nurtured for their productiveness. Then the youngest partner of Israeli origin comrade, Nephi should have reckoned that the elderly partners of cordial comrade has resembled to the villain sort existence who has intended to straddle the liability obligatory to themselves to have to clear the debt of servitude toil in exchange for the lease which Creator has charitably imparted for them with Creator's affordable bounty in fruitful maintainable realm, its renegade conduct has infringed in the intelligible code of precept which obligator must have inevitably comply with to return the earnings which villain sort has company with realm's notion which participants have to attain the whole mundane beneficial spherically maintainable interchangeability purpose, therefore the youngest comrade, Nephi has severely agonized to the elderly comrade's elusive trait more deviated than the comrade should have abide to the obligatory behavior on rationality etiquette for perfectness, so as it has ached Nephi's empathy to its shrewdness, so as it has made Nephi took impetuously mind, in direction of remaining deficit state whether the elderly part of Israelite Nephi's comrade might have made the comrade for themselves liquidated its obligation to have made it took active movement for its own privilege of occupancy for everlasting fruitfuil soil, still the more Nephi has wear out his own corporeal state to materialize in mundane sphere as the youngest part of Israelite origin comrade has been excessively sprinkled from efferviscently quivering modulation which Creator has oscillated into fluorescent ionized upper space till to transcend state degrading into fragile corporeality