adsshy-surf’s diary

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                                Nephi's strictness admonishment has prolonged the explanation more extensive as hearten approach as he has harshly excalimed in order not for the innate siblings to near toward Nephi on intent of grabbing its torso as the elderly part of congenial Nephi's Israeli linage comrade had in moveless glowered at Nephi's debasingly glimpsing appearance, then Nephi has made his voice sharpened strictly, saying as for the elder cognizant of congenial Nephi's similar comrade's partners must not have brush patted Nephi's aloft divinity corporeal substantiality as it has equivalented the virtuoso of its existence of Messiah's owned renunciative sacred torso which had been sheathed into the linen cloth for preservation in adjacent to the district of Torino cathedral parity, as Creator has ministered to maintain its dignifying transecendent qualitive substantiality to interconnect with its passage to have made it synchronized its modulation to the glowing  beam as it has oscillated its own quivering ruffled tone from celestial sphere where fractional part of photons has accentuated into any gradient sort of atoms, in spite of ambient realm, for as yet there has been no vaporable sort atoms in fluorescent upper realm, as electromagnetic undulation has perforated liable atoms into making it sparked electron sparcely till as it has subsided into the equilibrium state as it has occured in space of upper ionosphere range, in scrutiny with such a instances, although the elderly docile part of congenial Nephi's ardent comrade could have not grazed at the youngest creditable comrade in impetuous instigation, the someone who have dared to palpate of sacred corporeal substantiality existence whom Creator has exuded underneath mundane sphere would have dehydrated into resembling to the state of swamp resistance tall stalk plants on irrigated district as it has languished due to the perched lot's condition of draught season, as admittance as Creator has made it amplified still as it could have sweep till to upper fluorescent electron ebullient ionized realm.           

                              As well Creator has gave its enpowerment to phenomenon mundane substance to which Creator has granted its privilege to exert themselves anything that it should have attain fortification of their own materiality improvement so as Creator has made it had the permission for every polymorphous fluctuating compounds to assimilate any sort of elaborate compounds which has comprised of basic structural nuclei acid as it has been sheathed with more intricate fibril intertwined protein so as it has intended to duplicated the template of its own pervading citadel communion's structuring pattern which has written encoded basic pair strands twined pattern in the place where it has been fortified into polygonal enclosing citadel communion form which has constructed of protein and fat, therefore its fibrously stranded nuclei acid which has entered into the ambience as disguised as it should have devoted of exerting itself through similar virtuously allocated contributing toil on protein, fat enriched enclosure would have been expurgated from its protein affluently converting fortified compartments as soon as more aggregated structural compound should have persuaded to have made itself throw out of routine polymorphous rotating enclosed communion.           

                               After Nephi has revealed its theoretical sensibly so prolonged explanation concerning of divine presence vicinity to their genial compatriot of the comrade, the elderly docile partners, Nephi has said to the elderly partners of congenial Nephi's comrade, Laman, Lemuel, of Israeli linage comrade should have represented their well etiquette refined behavioral ideal exemplar as sprung fountain, the chief sire, Lehi who has tractably corelated with their fountain engender, Creator, as it ought not to have envisaged inimical disobeying attitude to the reverential supervisor beneath mundane sphere on celestial realm, so taking in concern with Lehi's deferential theorized productive behavior as apprentice admirer, so as it should not have grudge anything about the counsel which the chief sire, Lehi has persuaded to have pleasurably went through the virtuously fruitful, lately burgeoning undertaking duty on transient mundane experience, thus as the elderly partners of Israeli linage comrade should have been recommended to have took it on the precious resourceful deliberately occupational craftsmanship executive order, the costruction manufacturing of a single build's medium size vessel which has embarked any sort of strain, with flora and provisions, so the elderly obedient partners of Nephi's creditable comrade ought to have reminded on their own sanity sense of the truth of one man's reverentially renunciate verifying toil for sacred ritual for whole mundane living organisms including humane presence to mitigate in which he had made himself riveted the oblong nail on his both wrist and both feet as state as it has piled one upon another about foot as it has pierced across till to penetrate each the huge crosswise scaffolded beam of woods or perpendicular upright similar huge girder of timber as he has squirmed on huge timber as it has attempted to transfer acutely insensate persisting pain from the part of both wrist to the less lenient both feet part due to insupportable severe exacting suffering, when the mobsters of subordinate under the supervision of archbishop has custodied renunciate verifying existence Messiah to exradite into the jurisdiction of the administrative general, Pontius, as the mobsters has tumulted in order to impeach of Messiah's deceivable harangue, for as it would have inevitably instigated credulous folks to upsurge against its regime, so as its circumstances has resembled the incidence which the chief sire of compatriot Israeli linage comrade, Lehi has blundered into peril incident under the authority of the regime at Jerusalem, Nephi said, as it should have been reminded to its devotee for their compatriot, Israeli camaraderie's divine nation