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Nephi's trek 17 -’20-11-05-

Nephi has wafted his palm of hand over each forehead of Nephi’s elderly comrade partners, Leman, Lemuel, since Creator has made it ordained for Nephi to oscillate the electromagnetic wave of high tone pitch to pierce powerfully charged ion, it has possessed influential force of quivering configuration of living organisms or else substantial matters, through each figurative torso, so each torpid figure have got free negatively charged particles to interchange alternately attractive ion between both elderly partners and Nephi, their dormant inner intricate polymorphous compounds has actively responded to freshly engendered substances in their own corporeal frame, then it has stimulated inner living primordial form organisms which has possessed potentate chlorophyll sort of tincture, in their inner ambience, it has captured aqueous sort ions, as well as it has refurbished negatively charged particle of which Nephi has arduously gave off with negatively ionized particles from radiation discharge of his own palm undulation, its high convertible procedure has made aqueous compounds fissured to proceed with indolent carbon compounds, as it has enriched its inner confluence flow of intricately amalgamated protein compounds


In ambience of the elderly comrade physiognomy inner circulating strata, freshly changed, currently recomposited more intricate compounds has appeared as it has been seeping traversal exchanged inverting aqueous carbon mingling jot, frame hissing, flickering, interchangeably replacing their niche, magnificent shape submerging into depth flowing polymorphous circulation of so many sort of jotting particles, sparkling inner strata, so it has rapidly been decomposing differently composited, reflexivity affluent, aqueously sufficient carbon twining, intricately composited compounds, as it has hissed in inverted exchangeable niche of ample filling structural reflexing, high functional iota composite mechanisms, processive technics of which has occurred thanks to the dutiful generative clandestine toil which Creator has gave incessantly currenting pulse under whole mundane terrestrial sphere, as it has made it seated on the dignified engender, Creator seating on highly accelerated jot sparkling space, sufficiently charged, ionized matter fluorescent upper region, so contrastingly charged, ionized particles has incessantly moved at towards everlastingly, so peripherally flowing tidal wavelength sphere, so attractive force has reacted to its unceasing current, fleshly generated ultra high force has consequently been appearing at its subsequent toe sequent progressing towards bisectionally wise engendered tidal wave direction of electromagnetic plane, so Creator has intermittently, recurrently transmitted its pulse signal to whole living matters or else as well sufficient significance compositional matters, primarily it has reflected pointing its convergence into utmost refined sort lump of force as similar fixation, as including concordant Nephi, thus Nephi could have send attractive effectively pulsate radiating undulation to another compatible carbon sort organic corporeal composite matter, or else exquisite significant mineral matters.


   In addition, its effectuate conductor has not gave off significantly influencing type of harmful wavelength, it has just radiated from just alleviated sort of wavelength from highly moderated infiltrating projector, as sort of Nephi’s hands has made it demonstrated as wafting to any sort object, it has not been sort of transmitting device which powerful radiational waving pulse has caused to react on synchronizing tidal pulse to enhance alternate current reflection of each object matters, the explanation of highly detailing complicated utterance which has articulated from Nephi’ precise clarity discernment on Creator’s ordinance, Nephi has made the elderly comrade, Leman, Lemuel soothed from bottom of mindedness, so it has made the comrade discerned that Creator has truly existed on Celestially consecrated highly polymorphous aqueously evanesce fluorescent glistening realm, thus it has made the comrade have in mind of reverential careful concernment to potentiality of alternation force which has the capability of shifting the compositional formulation of any sort substances on whole mundane phenomenal occurrence, as Nephi has attained any sort of drudgery task for his own strenuous expertise endeavor, therefore the elder comrade of congenial Nephi’s partners should have come into getting had amiably in mind of worshipful attitude for their youngest comrade, Nephi, then Nephi has acknowledged its emotional alteration of the elder comrade and admonished the camaraderie of its equivalent status existential value not to revered to their younger part comrade, both status has possessed equal amount humane trait, so the comrade of both of them should have merely admire to send reverential mulling emotion for Creator, the prime sovereign, if it has not occasioned to the youngest comrade partner, Nephi whose presence quality has possessed the similar amount of valuable humane dignity as equivalent degree as with inclusive the elder amenable partners of Israeli origin comrade, so the elder comrade should have reveal the reverential attitude for the inclusive living organisms on whole mundane sphere which have possessed similarly worthwhile valuable existing significance to entire ecumenical ingredient factor, as similar importance existence as it has indicated, besides as the elder comrade should have made it revealed palpable observance stance of reverential attitude for their innate progenitor, their chief sire, Lehi and its sedate derivation, their truly benevolent Saria




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