adsshy-surf’s diary

The recommendation of relaxedly browsing of valued items

                Loathsome enormous congruity plague haunting fetish licentious unchaste appetite to luxrious precious woven fabric, gold, silver dulcet gem, gaudy flashy weave substance lecherous necessity material goods. Finely woven linens, lavish valuable rich costly high priced cloth dear courtesan, such are advantageous possesion, detestable unvarying similarity yearning  aspirant avarice devouring, greed glutting, rivetting, cementing, striving,  overwhelm and absorb, wasting and dwindling, adherent disciple admirer faith  for inviolable rivivalist adovocate preacher. Disperate division tribesmen sept, Ethnic different breed descendant, unorthodox heretical  iconoclastic atheist heathen have developed engendering surroundings where encompassed from progeny of forefather parent camaraderie, fraternity fulfilled,  hereditary bequething, traditional heritable ancester, owing to prevailing widespread circulating forceful persuasive poise of progressive tide flow, enormous Ocean chasm gap torn aparting, separated from acquaintance, fraternity visitors