adsshy-surf’s diary

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                                    So many of terms has been confessed and memorized the importance by the kinsmen of Israelite ancestor's camaraderie, their temper has been chagrined till abating to the visage of Creator. Furthermore, they has questioned to the one of their camaraderie about what has been the meaning of the tranced vision which the their chief sire has viewed in his dormancy vision, and so what should the tree the chief sire has scrutinized has been symbolizing for. And they have got the explanation that the one stalk tree has symbolized for the phenomena of living matters. And the furthermore, they have questioned what is the meaning of the iron bar that could have been to reach to the one stalk tree the chief sire has scanned. And in addition, they has got the description that the iron bar has been representing for the instruction terminology from Creator, the anyone who has strictly keep to it after learning the counsel intelligence must not have plunged to extinct, as well any conspiracy of infernal spirit and its cannonade could not have made it possible to seduce the bright intelligible ductile converter, their existence into the extermination, in seeing that the intelligence terminology could ought to checkmate and worst their nearly all rival. It should have been the dynamism of genius rationality and the support of all the potency by the the phenomina on whole mundane sphere to comfort and support the kinsmen of Israelite ancestor's camaraderie, for them to accost the upbraid coming from the intelligent terminology obligatory for them to keep by process of their calling it to mind into the terminology from Creator and conform to it indubitably on principal of sixth sense