adsshy-surf’s diary

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                                 Foregoing ancestor of Israelite origin indigene who, omitting the beholden beneficial compulsory onus from Creator's unusual endorsed bounty, has impertinently forsook from fidelity effectuated favorable laboring conditions which has interchanged in preferred beneficial grant with refined source of undulation, which Creator has abstemiously pulsated as soon as it has released the fortuitous camaraderie from superintendence castigation on feudal labored relationships with Egypt regime [ circa 1290 B.C. ]  , in spite of the incidence that such anecdotal event has induced the fortunate ancestor to vindicate liable exacting quantity, the offspring of the figure who has more or less specified into the wistfulness of Israel's primordial soil, has come into coinciding deviated routine wanton venom conduct on similar contingency, so as for the manifold detestable transgressive inclination by the offspring of Israel's ancestor which has floundered from imperative behavioral etiquette has heaped into the amount of imperiously aggrandizing at aloof palace on hemispheric upper space as until the dynasty of the Israelite offspring camaraderie might have abolished in the furthermost leeway on the equatorial hemisphere.   

                                Creator has parted with the preservation of exonerated substantial breed who has the efficiency to duplicate the stranded fibrous inherently congenital matter, toward separately located equatorial hemisphere's indigenous soil sporadically shedding out from perceived nucleus sanctified territory where Creator has sanguinely bestowed to the favored provenance, thus exclusively dissociated from assorted blood sacrifice, as the remnant manifold offspring of Israel's ancestor whom Creator has negligently gawked at, must have been dismantled, as the youngest partner of Israelite linage comrade, Nephi has acknowledged, as dooms period which inconsequentially dissipated, inefficiently putrid offspring of preceeding Israel would have perished, could have to transpire during nearly denouement spell, as it has made it resight to equivocally unintelligible amiss phenomenon on destructive consequences which unscrupulous sort as prone as the offspring of foregoing Israel, could have inescapably to be forsook from firmament perspective of clearly flowing evanesce space, as Creator has compelled the chief sire of Israelite linage's comrade including Nephi, so called Lehi to clear the obligation which has been allowanced by the beneficial bounty from Creator as to go through the burdensome diligent experience into the desolating district of barren sward. 

                               As well, it has been because Jews has intended to make the chief sire of Israelite linage's comrade, Lehi take responsibility of guilty that the chief sire has demagogued mob of Jewish community to take action for reverential contribution by volunteering labor on whole sanctified mundane sphere to upcoming the tribe's sagacity, Lord on its compassionate sacrifice ritual for mankind, however the mob of Jewish community has tumulted to make it liquidate the chief sire's deceivable routine liable etiquette deficit for him to take life for his own, nevertheless, the elderly partners of Israelite linage's comrade has duplicated the similar procedure of making the chief sire himself take action for his own life, against the chief sire's arrogant stance of compelling the comrade to take part in the harsh detestable drudgery task commitment, therefor, when the elderly partners of Israeli linage comrade, Laman, Lemuel has conspired to make the chief sire took his own life after it has made the chief sire reckoned that encouraging perception which the chief sire has envisaged has cleared only when it has just been taken in comprehensible delighted barren region for mere indivisual enterprise until it has depleted thoroughly of intensity which Creator has imparted with him so as it has subsided to rapport at ease with Creator's solace alms, in the point of such occasion, the elder partners of Israeli linage's comrade must have to be blamed as it has blemished of inequity conceivable tincture on purpose, then as it has been equivalent to the event that Jewish mob has in mind to onslaught the chief sire of Israeli linage's comrade who had entirely possessed innocuous intention, Nephi said, the elderly partners of Israelite linage comrade has been predisposed in the inclination which it has promptly withhold fourtuitous endeavor of making virtuous consequences in preferring to pointless conceit for inviolate state as it has not dare to memorize the precinct of conduct etiquette which Creator has alluded for mankind to sooth at dedicatedly exaltation from radiantly gleaming spark