adsshy-surf’s diary

The recommendation of relaxedly browsing of valued items

                      Furthermore, there has been Scripture of one volume which has been appearing in front of meditated obscuring panoramic view of mental fabrication floated upon sprinkled air mist inflation of atomosphere. Subsequently, It has just been materialized by the holy pure spirit gusting breath in the air, and the scene that the volume has been circulated in the iconoclastic distantly located district indigenously sprout tribesmen, has been very perceptible object then, the holy pure spirit query about where the item has come from, had perplexed for imagination of the exam in respect of  just situation that there had been no acknowledgement about it. And there were the response of holy pure spirit that the Scripture has derived from Jews dynasty so as the volume of sacred chronicle has been displayed at the surroundings. The holy pure spirit has revealed that it has been chronicle document of Jews that the volume has listed the affirmation of oath Creator has promised with ménage of Israelite and the innumerable prophesy sacred pure diviners has uttered. The chronicle has resembled the archive of Jewish history memorandum which had been inscribed in the sacred brass tablet and they have more scarce volume than the quantity the brass tablet has been able to enroll. In addition, they have preserved precious value for iconoclastic differently bred indigenousely sprout creatures of Creator because the document had noted about the historical affirmation of avowal Creator has pledged for Jewish dynasty