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                                  The elderly comrade of Nephi's partners has advantageous status which it has the privilage to be able to colonize in the industrious bustling district, Jerusalem where must have been enriched, nevertheless the denizen, who has permeated in the soil erstwhile than the ancestor of Israel has called on the soil, has been encroached by the ancestor of the comrade, thus Nephi has asked if the indigenous settlers, who has suffused erstwhile in the soil, had possessed the privilege of the occupancy to cooperate with their ancestor as the consanguineous of the vicinity aquaintances who has obligated for their occupation thoroughly, although Nephi had concluded that the iconoclastic tribal inhabitants has not possessed the faculty which has been the fundamental constituent as for the tribes could have went up to the succeeding upper scale status, thus Nephi has asked if the heretical tribes has made it befitted the proficiency to the standard which has been required to engage in the equivalent stratum of the similar drudgery as spontaneously as it has been possible from its phase that the status of the Israel's ancestor could have skipped up the potency precipitately till to the prerogative of the apropos clearer, potentiality of which has fitted to the paranormal righteousness, then Nephi said, it has been impossible that the ancestor of partners' comrade could have made their adequacy aggrandized till to the displaced, demeanor quality plentiful flats on upper part in defiant of the reality that the sycophantic indigenous substandard personnel should have succeeded to attain the compromise from Creator to be embroiled so to stir up till to turn down the more pungency achieved casserole for the similar vein colony. Observed from the perspective of Creator, mankind has potentially had the similar quantity of the ability to attune the modulation Creator has instigated under the whole mundane sphere for someone to undulate at the convergence dynamo according to the depth of the benevolence from their chieftain, thus if someone has succeeded righteously to attune to the undulation Creator has exhilarated, until then it could have been made up to accomplish the primary aspiration, so as it would have been bestowed with the premium grant lest someone should have turned down