adsshy-surf’s diary

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                               So long narrative explanation has been betrayed in detail from Nephi's vindicative geniality to the elder partners of Israeli linage comrade, Laman, Lemuel, it has extended for such an argument from, concerning so tortuously tangled, detestably tarnished soil that mankind has been detained for experimental ordeal to undergo for anything they could have to attain during its transiently loomed span toward meaningful virtue of their possessing which Creator has encouraged to mundane sphere's existence for meaningful endeavor, so generosity ingeniously bouncing, substantially polymorphous, so transpositional quantity on mundane sphere where total living organisms have parted with their precious vaporable condensation as it has consumed equitable amount of nutritional compounds to regenerate subsequent layar of spherical multiplied compositionally converted corporeal substantiality which has enriched as mutual atoms stably has poised in serenity clearly sphere when Creator has admitted, thus underneath microorganisms, aquamarine flowing algea, with cyanobacteria has collaborated to make aggrandized stream of aqueously flowing with protean compounds solution in profane any realm bounded soluble tract, in which fungus has fleeted to intersect with its divisional simple living organisms to engender  sequentially clear equipoised compounds strata.             

                               Bacteria has possessed so harmonious traits which it has attuned to the modulation that Creator has oscillated for them from celestial sphere where it has seated sovereign empire for them to duplicate so manifold counts as it has split itself, one single entity into separated sort copied entity to each identical subdivided cell, so the duplicated mass has increasingly flourished, per part reason since it has no need of replicability availing organ cell to germinate the offspring in detached from the process of combining each opposite heretical germ cell due to its single module cell organisms feature, so it has rapidly replicated in more or less sixteen million copies during twenty four hours, so it has split in a count each twenty minutes, since it has conformed to the precept which Creator has enacted for living organisms on whole mundane sphere, therefore Nephi said, besides the elder partners of Israeli origin comrades has to comply with the avowal enactment which the foregoing ancestor of Israel has interchanged for the contract with Creator, the benevolent prime sovereign, so it has to devote themselves into the drudgery precious undertaking task to attain the perfection of underneath transient ordeal, terrestrially durational experience passageway, by the grounds of mutual obedience, thus for each individual has been able to clear the obligation which terrestrially materializing Messiah has credited for mundane living organisms in alternately its own corporeal undertaking duty of sacrificing itself for verifiable immolation rituality, when the elder partners of Israeli linage comrade, Laman, Lemuel has inclined to the admonishment enunciation of their youngest congenial partner, Nephi, the elderly comrade has come into indignant observance, therefor so as it has attempted to dispose of Nephi into the depth of huge aqueously poised ocean in about to hurl him into aquamarine tide.                   

                             So in order to arrest the youngest partner of Israeli born compatriot, perversive quality comrade, Nephi, when the elder partners, Laman, Lemuel has all but to plunge into moving toward, Nephi has loudly exclaimed, Israeli divinity's compatriot comrade, including Nephi has been contaminated to the detestable fiendish lecherous wicked spirit which has descended from repulsive enormous church existing aqueously polymorphous flowing evanesce space above mundane sphere which has advocate more profane activity to humane soul as it has recommended mankind to disconnect the precise guidance of precept which Creator has provokingly advised for its neediness of pitiful compassion to human presence, as the elder comrade has discerned wisely, as the elder partners of Israeli origin comrade and its congenial Nephi has resembled its characteristics to just phenomenon as so intricated compound of protein has assimilated the enriched carbohydolate which has extracted from aqueously flowing chlorophyl abundant, more densely combination compounds, as it has modified one sort protein to another form structure of interchanged compounds, as such highly dynamic substance exchange has processed in whole range of spherical mundane terrestrial realm, similarily as the more compatriot comrade has to assimilate more intricated, highy enriched conglomeration of fundamental sort, aquatic liquid, carbon dioxide, and mineral matters, the dislodging comrade has evade from necessity fundamental routine assimilation toil, then an filament of composite structual acid which has stranded from adenine, guanin, cytosine, ribose and ester has thronged among commune system of ordinary cell where has been just similar to the ambience dwelling the congenial comrade as Nephi's partners, so as it has commenced to devour any sort of deoxyribose or phosphate substances, so in order to halt its infringiment against communicative convert inducing cell, Creator has it made the infringed cell memorized the deficient ingredients so as to duplicate preceding nucleic acid patterning protein which had comprised from structually polygon formed huge cell called as alpha, beta or gamma, thus as it has disseminated the notification which has handed out requisite nutrients resembling to noticing flier around any sort of differently located commune cell to take notice of fibril nucleic acid which has possessed so fragile form