adsshy-surf’s diary

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                                       Nephi has recommenced to utter about crucially pressing most important descriptively detailed explanation for explicit truthful peculiar traits of predilection for Creator on mundane sphere, as Creator has possessed the potential means to have made the scrupulously complying sort of well etiquette bound existence as Nephi, the elderly comrade's congenial partner, had been capable of taking to undertake anything virtuously worthwhile toil for attaining wholly congruous perfect flawless, temporally ordeal experience, notwithstanding on unsanctified terrestrial, if Nephi think aqueous equilibrium region should have drain to evaporate, nitrate should have another time circulate into polymorphous intermingling surfeit layer and misted away as it has poured down its cycle repeatedly, gradually preceding landscape formation would have appeared, firstly it has made the climate baffled, roughly upswelled surface eaten away into spherically shaped ground surface, and resultingly it has flattened into smoothly any sort plants thriving sward, thus it has divided into both parts, utmost spectacle, extensive spread range of land mass, and remained large portion of aqueous space, poised ocean.           

                                     Nephi has ardently articulated explanation of its enormous sacle precise picturesque panorama as to diagram chart of Creator's making in primordial obscured mundane sphere's ordinance positioning of any sort material, as it has commenced from the shrinking matter of whole mingled with, when shrinkage has come into the state which has no void of its own inner globule ion charged serenity dense materialization, so compactly compressed whole matter has abruptly converted inner hydrogen into gaseous radioactive nucleus form, as one of three composite particle on nucleus which has no electric charge has abruptly discharged into other form atomic compounds so as it has burst into another nuclei material with no ion charged particle, and it has ensued its process of alteration as it has radiated the high temperature heat and fluorescent pale beam, then it has spread whole ingredient matter into any sort of strata, as it has incessantly moved towards outer ridge realm, so outer edge fluorescent beam has gradually elongated into under tone dim image as it has ensued its movement on constant verocity, as in its similar pictorial imaginary view, in occasion of globular immense object's subdivisional perspective which has composed from the material object of the surfeit rambling substances compounds including silicon magnesium ferrous molten coagulated matter as its approximately ration has remained on similar condition, on outer surface of its globular entity object, its covering crust has dynamically moved its outer cover of two parts, basaltic ocean plate which has composed of silicon and magnesium oxide, the other, the land mass sort of granodiorite which has composed of silicon and aluminum, as it has incessantly has spewed up surfeit material from the ridge which has creviced into the ocean sort flat bottom, the fountain spring from where any sort of material has upsurged towards up until it has thrust away antique sort fractional crusted plate onto the outer edge underneath oceanic floor.     

                                  Creator has nourishingly made it capable for so manifold carbon compounds structural matters to have been bestowed with further any sort of cooperated carbon hydrate structural compounds which has boasted its variant formation from undiluted mere loop formation substances to more multiply sequencing conglomerated structural heap of proteins, assimilating these matters from similarly sort of enclosed compartment cell one after another in vicinity carbon compounds of which another subsystem has been rearanged to duplicate sequencing molecule patterns, still the more as it has made it possible of suppling for its patterned repetitive molecule compounds with indispensable intensifying, other functional component ingredients, so as it has made it been able to assimilate surfeit nutritionally functioning fresh substances, therefore Creator has made it possible for any assorted string compounds of fabricating for itself from assimilating different sort functional ingredient particles to clear up of attaining any sort of preciously virtuous splendid task, still the more requisite of harshly drudgery task ordaining stance worthwhile, thus it has been rational ordinances for Creator to have made highly conglomerated compounds of living organisms as including Nephi, had learn the construction a single build middle size vessel, as to have it engaged in its precious splendid constructive craftmanship certifying enterprises, so as well, it have bestowed for grant that the elder partners of inventiveness Nephi's comrade, Laman, Lemuel should have ardently been recommended to have went through persistently perpetual virtuous effectuate craftsmanship task along with laudable Nephi