adsshy-surf’s diary

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                                         Nephi has wrangled with the elderly partners of ardent Nephi's Israeli linage comrade the argument as it has covered till to so many subject of debatable topic in the completion of utterance concedrning of Creator's primordial avid aspiration, primarily for intricated patterning compounds of living organisms till to residual deposited ingredients which has more important to have been bristly grinded of making of any sort of minerals, that has come into getting to make up moldings of heaping any sort of minerals, for carbon sort organisms to permeate around the substances, as for having made for carbon type of organic substances to have thrived beneath the consecrated celestial realm, similar subject has clamored to the elder partners of Nephi's creditable comrade recurrently to sooth their deviated aspiring gainsay disposition for enthusiastic disciplinary teaching guidance from more knowledgeable qualitative existence, so the lump of disciprinaly courage enticing conversation has been so robust, its quantity of propositionally discoursed line of passage so enormous amount, as it has made it throwed up the elderly comrade out of mouthful conversation, devastatingly it has brought around its arbitrary indecisive characteristic elder partners to subjugate for the precept of obligatory etiquette instruction for prudential plausibly compelling conduct as the elder comrade of Nephi's equivalent partners could have come into docile careful subordinate as it has not dare to encounter with haughty ambience so as it has intended not to have drawn near with Nephi, still the more as it has not dare to brush a sarcastic finger on Nephi within a hairs width, since it has overwhelmed the elder part of Nephi's obedient comrade devastatingly under superior apropos cognizance dignifing Nephi's appearances.           

                                      Creator has possessed so strengthened compartment in its nucleus epicenter that has made its framework in magnificent huge scale, entirely holding its own figure, its rod has been so robust, stood upright towards equidistantly constant advancing attraction tidal plane and high lethargically charged particles has encircled its own progressive veering directive around aggravatingly among its attractive enforcement, then its controversially charged particles forces has to been moved around everlastingly, its accumulation of curent movement has multiplied in the direction of progressing against horizontally equivalent diffusing force, then the tremendous scale high energized force at which has generated from dormant charged particles' incessant repetitive rotating movement as it has accelerated up towards multiplication formulation of its active force, then it has brought forth subsequent equivalently similar force spreading towards concordant everlastingly progressing tidal plane, it has been the undulation which Creator has at any time oscillated from once pivotal mulling realm, as for Creator has sovereignly attracted its intractably charged illicit particles to conduct any time productively progressive accumulating, virtuously acquirement motivational movement of intentional active passage as it has arduously encouraged to engage in beneficially recoiling, valuable active tendency conductor path of aqueous flowing, then as rapidly as it has swerve up the oscillating frequency ratio into hampering in high heat interruptive inescapable space to urge its recurrent movement, as simutaneously as it has tempered its dormant lethargic charged particles only to have congealed in refutable withered state on no ductile space, as its modulation which Creator has any time oscillated has moved availably driving force into incessant recurrent movement, to hear the authorizing affectation existence without any exquisite exemption, if the elderly comrade of Nephi's obeyance partners has refuted its benevolent grant which Creator has allowed, it would have ruined into the state of wasting away in no aqueously flowing consort amalgamate of exempted particle, therefore the elder comrade has not ceased to quiver in too immobile syndrome under stepping into more transgressive movement to caress a sarcastic finger upon glaring Nephi